The New Therapist​

Hi, I’m Bree, and traditional talk therapy is not my thing. I placed my bag down, and made myself comfortable, as my therapist said, “this isn’t therapy we are just going to talk.” If this isn’t therapy than what is it? I said nervously. I know you have been seeing our trauma therapist, and he has gotten you to release some of your pain and show any emotion. I am here for you, to talk, to help you make daily choices, and to improve your quality of life with Bi-polar. This therapy session was so different than anyone I have been to. It was different in that she did not have to pray to get information out of me, I did not hold back, even the darkest, and most painful events. I just kind of had this trust with her, and really opened up to accept help. We talked, laughed, and started to form a plan for me to start working on. As the session went on I really felt that I was the most open and honest I have ever been. Starting to form this new medical-professional relationship, was scary, but exciting. I even received her personal E-mail, If I never needed to talk, vent or just scream. I have never had any therapist, be that willing, and to go that extreme for me. I felt much more like a person, than just another appointment in their day. As the session came to an end, we invited my mom back, my mom is my best friend and biggest supporter through all of this. We told her our plan and just chatted. Leaving the office I felt relaxed, and a lot less anxious. I look forward to our next appointment. It has taken me about 5 years to find the right therapist, I always had to have some form of therapy weekly, but nothing really worked, or clicked like I felt this appointment went today. So if you are struggling to find the right therapist do not stop looking, ask your primary doctors if there is somebody they could recommend, this is how I came across my therapist, and it is awesome that both doctors work in the same office, so there will be no misinformation or delayed flies between them, which is a huge plus for me. Therapy does not have to be expensive, but make sure your doctor has had the right training in your area of help. For example, when I first came out to my family and moved back from NYC. I looked for a one who specializes in LBGT, Anxieties, PTSD and Addiction.



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The Puppy who saves me Every day!

   We all know dogs are man’s best friend, and they have done some heroic acts, and on a daily show us how much they love us, and need us. Yes,  I am a dog mom, and my little girl has earned her Emotional Support Animal Certificate. so here is our story,
   A bond severely damaged, from a long time ago, to being fostered and mistreated, to meet me. Bailey’s life will never be the same, and little did I know either would mine.  I have had a dog growing up, but I spent so much time out of the house, and state, I was not able to bond with little Quincy, so this little man is my moms. Iv always envied this bond, and really wanted this bond, so from this point forward in the blog, keep in mind that I believe everything happens for a reason.
    It was the summer of 2015, I just met my girlfriend, Rachel. We were taking a trip up north to visit her family, and while we were at her house, this tiny, buff-colored little puppy bounces through the front door; My heart instantly melts!  She ran right up to me, sniffing, walking all over me, making sure I was okay! Throughout the day I played with her, watched her interaction with our other dogs, and nieces, ages ranging from 14 months-8 years old.
    From the moment my eyes laid eyes on this little girl, my heart was filled. I was going through the hardest time with my addiction and relationship, my erratic moods and behavior did not affect Bailey’s bond with me, with time she allowed me to gain her trust, and quite often I’d break it, and she is so forgiving. As time went on, I got my drinking under control and spent all my days tending to this little girl, taking her on tons of walks, playing fetch, and tug of war. She kept my clouded mind focused on one thing; her!  Today Bailey is one of the happiest pups, she saves me every day, showing me how to be patient, and love unconditionally.  Bailey understands my moods, and when I’m down, and just need to sleep, she cuddles right up next to, and never complains once.
     This month Bailey will receive her Emotional Support Animal ID, Allowing her to always be by my side. My anxiety is so high most of the days, I can’t see myself leaving the house, or seeing any friends, but when Bailey is with me my heart isn’t racing, and I’m not panicking and wanting to be home.
 If you or a loved one suffer from PTSD, Anxiety, and other mood disorders, you could be eligible to get your dog certified as your emotional support.
 Add emotional support dog link

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The Therapist


The room was silent, the only exchanges were nervous glances, and awkward body language, with my feet, pulled up to my chest, I hug my knees and stare down at the floor. My therapist starts asking me basic questions,  I answered with hesitation and no trust; her trust had to be earned, we had to see mostly eye to eye. This was the usual routine with my first few therapist appointments. It took five or six tries until I found the right one,  so if you are thinking of giving up, don’t. You will find the one you click. Be persistent!
 For me, life started to change in the 9th grade when my anxiety started to show itself.  It always felt like I had this monster following me around, this heavy feeling on my chest and my brain was on repeat, playing over and over situations that may never ever happen.  I was constantly worried and exhausted from being anxious. My body started to get weaker and day to day life was becoming unmanageable. I was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug that helped but did not control my thoughts, just my physical symptoms.  I needed therapy.
If you are having trouble finding a therapist right for you, and wondering if they will accept your insurance, go to This website has guided me in selecting the right therapist. The website allows you to see their educational background, areas of specialty and insurance they accept.




Disclaimer: No portion of this may be shared without my written permission and used as your own.