• The Unknown Autoimmune attack.

    The Unknown Autoimmune attack.

    The office is quiet as I sit here waiting to meet my new specialist.  I cannot help but think…  damn, this is how the world might be from now on, all of us wearing masks, staying six feet apart, walking into sparse rooms with the allowed number of people…  Oh, and how can I forget […]


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  • It’s all too much; The Flare!

    So here I stand wearing nothing but a soft sports bra and very soft panties because anything else against my skin is complete agony. The breeze from the fan keeps my body cool, maybe cooler than I want to feel, but turning it off would make me feel nauseous. So this is how it starts. […]

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  • A Child Needs…

    A Child Needs…

    Mood State- 5 Feeling Good! From the moment we are born, we are comforted by our mother’s warm touch, safe in her arms, and the feeling of love for the first time. If only… if only I had been held as a newborn, would I have all the relationship issues I have today? That question […]

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  • Mood State Pyramid

    Mood State Pyramid

    There are so many days where I want to post and talk with you, but my mind is too distracted, unfocused, anxious, and or depressed.  I have been thinking, there is no reason why that should stop me from posting.  Every mood is just another part of my daily life.  As I learn more about […]

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